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teeth cleanings

Teeth cleanings are essential for removing bacteria and plaque buildup causing gum disease. Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality dental care that you can trust. Your teeth will feel healthier than ever before. It is our priority to ensure you are undergoing a safe and effective cleaning treatment!

What are Cleanings?

Our teeth cleaning procedures will be completed by a specialized dental hygienist. Your mouth will be examined for unusual patches or signs of inflammation before teeth cleanings begin. This is to ensure that you do not have any present underlying issues and for a smooth treatment.


There are numerous benefits to dental cleanings for both children and adults. Here are a few of the biggest benefits:

  • Superior oral health
  • Lowers risk of periodontal disease
  • Fresh breath

The Process

Your hygienist will begin the procedure by removing plaque and tartar buildup. We will use a scaling tool to clean along your gum line and deep inside gum pockets where gum disease forms. Plaque is the result of an accumulation of bacteria that looks white and sticky on your teeth. Tartar is the remnants of plaque that has not been treated.

An electric toothbrush is then used to cleanse your teeth. It has special cavity prevention fighting properties to build up your teeth’s enamel. Sometimes, we may floss your teeth to remove lingering food particles and tend to bleeding gums.

Do You Need Teeth Cleanings in Florida?

Your teeth are our priority and that’s why we provide teeth cleanings. Our team is keen on providing you with peace of mind and optimal results. Visit Advanced Dental Associates to get started!


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